Friday, August 30, 2013

New Freebie on the Bead Mavens Blog!

Hi, all!  I'm very tickled with the reception so far on my post today on the Bead Mavens Blog!  I was a bit disappointed  that I worked so very hard on it and when I posted my screenshots the text was blurry.  :(  However, Mikki will help me to remedy that so I'll fix it when I can.  I've posted a link to my website where the tutorial is available as a free download.  I assure you it's not fuzzy!  :)

Here's the link to the Bead Mavens blog post featuring my free tutorial:

Enjoy!  ~Val

Friday, August 23, 2013

She's Lost Her Mind!

Hi, all!  Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment and perhaps I've lost my mind, but lately I've been thinking of expanding my market base.  Today I opened a studio on ArtFire.

I know, I know!  Two shops?  It's a pain, eh?  I bought a 3 month trial period so if it doesn't work out I will close up but I figured hey...give it a shot!  I spent the entire evening changing titles and descriptions (to preserve my SEO) and finally the shop is ready to debut.

Believe me, my Etsy shop isn't going anywhere!  I'm loving Etsy and their instant download capabilities are awesome!  I am working on growing my business; I don't plan to move over to AF.  I'm going to work with both!

To celebrate, I'm holding a 15% off sale in my ArtFire shop for this week (ending next Friday the 30th).

Check it out!  [VC Artisan Originals on ArtFire]

Enjoy this photo of my son's yawning kitty (photo taken by him) - I'm so sleepy now!

Oh!  Also, we got 2 new kittens today for a grand total of 5 cats.  Photos soon!

Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm a Maven! Yeah, Baby!

Hi, all!  I'm so, so excited to finally be able to announce that I've been chosen as one of the new Bead Mavens for 2013-14!  I've been sitting on this secret for months and I'm so relieved to be able to finally share the news.

I've always wanted to be a Bead Maven and my dream is now a reality!  here is the blog post announcing me:

Visit the [Bead Mavens blog ] and follow it!  We will be posting free tutorials and great tips and tricks for beaders.  Each day this week a new Maven will be announced- there are 6 of us- and on the 7th day Mikki Ferrugiaro will be posting a free tutorial!

So far I've been announced (yay) and the fantastic Patrick Duggan was announced today (yay!!).  Stay tuned to the Mavens blog tomorrow and all week for the next exciting reveals!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Enter the Mirrix Looms "Me Time" Contest to Win a Free 8" Lani Loom!

Hi, all!  I'm so, so excited to announce that I'm now a Share Sponsor for Mirrix Looms!  I'm just tickled!  I'll be sharing their contest announcements.

Mirrix is holding a contest and the prize is an 8" Lani Loom!  Here is some info from Mirrix:

"Everyone has their 'me' time. For some it's a relaxing bubble bath and for others a long walk. For many of us, though, 'me' time happens at the craft table. We find solace in making. We find inspiration in creating. We need this time to nurture our souls and to take some of the stress out of everyday life. 

For Mirrix Looms' latest contest, they ask you to describe how creating art is your 'me' time. This is not limited to weaving fiber or beads. Any art counts. Speak from the heart. They will have five guest judges from the bead and tapestry communities pick the top twenty entries and the public will vote for their favorite out of those. Start dreaming up your answers! "

Visit the URL for contest rules and instructions (and to check out the awesome prize loom!).

Photo courtesy of Mirrix Looms

In celebration of this great honor, I've created a logo!  I really like this one and I've updated [my website] to include the new logo in the header.  I've also changed things around a bit so stop on by and take a look!

For those who enter the contest, good luck!  I wish you well!  Now hop to it!  :)  

I'd love to own a Mirrix one day!  What would you do with one?  Would you weave beads, tapestry and fabrics or all of the above?  Beaded fabrics?