Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Gift for the Beading Community!

Hi, all!  Boy, I was up all night working on gifts for y'all!  I sure hope you will enjoy them!

As most of you know by now, probably around 90% of my designs incorporate Super Duo beads.  I got a few initial ideas for using them when I began to design tutorials and then ideas just exploded in my head!  I'm still not out of ideas just yet so I expect to be using them for quite a while.

I have been unable to find any graph papers that utilize the Super Duos so that's what I created for you!  I created these 100% free to use graph papers.  There are 5 graphs in all and I will probably make more if I can dream up any other Super Duo stitches.  Below is an example:

So!  Where can these treats be found?  [Right Here] of course!  I added a new page just for the graphs to my website,

Before you head over there, though, I have a quick blurb, copied and pasted from my graphs page on my site:  

This page contains absolutely free graph papers that I created by hand for the beading community.  These can be shared, printed, redistributed and used by bead stores and beading teachers.  Designers can insert these in tutorials without fear of repercussions.  You may use these on your website (it would be wonderful if you could credit me) Free means free!  I have two rules:  

(1) These will remain free.  Do not sell these blank graphs!  If you color one then you may do as you wish but the blank pages are my gift to beaders and designers alike and are not intended for resale.  

(2)  Please leave my name and website URL on the papers.  It's a small thing to ask for my time and energy in creating these graphs.  Please show respect and don't claim the actual graph papers as your own work.  (An exception would be if you are just using the papers for yourself and not redistributing them.)  If you print, copy, use for commercial use, post on websites or gift them to people I ask that you please leave my name in place.  

That's it!  Enjoy with my compliments!  ~Val

I really hope you like them!  They aren't mathematically perfect but they are hand illustrated.  That netting one took me hours to create.  :)  Please feel free to use these! Print them, email them, link to them, I don't care as long as you leave my name/website on them.  I want to be remembered for some sort of contribution to the beadiverse, hah!  Super Duo Goddess, yeah!  Enjoy!  ~Val