Monday, June 2, 2014

CRAW Basics!

Hi, all!  I'm working with the wonderful Wubbers University this summer on a series of basic stitch tutorials and this is the first!

Cubic Right Angle Weave:  The nemesis of many a beader!  It's really not difficult at all, and hopefully I can help!  I know there are tons of tutorials out there, but I'm giving it a go anyways.  :)  This workshop will explain the mechanics of the CRAW stitch, illustrate how to create corners with CRAW and show how to join two ends of CRAW.

This is a wordy tutorial so you will want to download the file.  I assure you that the .pdf will have clean graphics, unlike these screenshots.  The downloadable/printable .pdf is available here!  Please respect my copyright and share links instead of documents.  :)  While you're at it, check out my newly revamped website and pick up any tutorials you've missed!  Enjoy!

So, now that I've gotten your attention, I'd like to wish my wonderful son, Thomas, congratulations!!!  He graduated High School this year and he will begin college in the Fall with a scholarship.  :)  We are so very proud of him!

Now:  I need stitch ideas!  Any requests?  Any stitch you've wanted to learn and have had trouble finding?  Let me know!   ~Val