Tuesday, August 5, 2014

And July is Gone!

Hi, all!  Woo!  Another month has come and gone!  Time flies so quickly lately that it's hard to keep up.  July is over and the harried month of August has come.

July in retrospect:  We got my son, Thomas, enrolled in his first term of full-time college, woo!  His classes begin in just a few weeks and we're all so excited.  I can't believe I have an adult son who is in college.  He will always be my baby boy.  He's majoring in business computer systems to start (AS).  Then he will go on to University for his BA in computer science with a minor in History, and then on to his Master's in Library Science.  He will one day have my dream job.

My lovely daughter is soon to follow!  This August she begins her 11th grade year!  She has 4 college courses (she dual enrolls) and some AP classes to boot, and she will be well on her way to a medical profession of her choosing.  She's dithering between immunology and pulmonology, both of which are important to her.  She has a while to narrow it down to something she really wants to do.

Let's see... besides mad dashes to get school squared away for both kids, I've designed quite a few new pieces, started a few tutorials (and finished none, isn't that just the way???), and outlined two books that I plan to self-publish with the help of a treasured and witty friend.  I've sketched ideas, including some metalsmithing ideas... I've bought a few new tools for my studio and rearranged furniture to prepare for the holiday gift making season.  I'm sketching ideas for a gift for my mom's birthday, which is this month, too, and I'm currently working on 3 tutorials simultaneously.  My mind is flying in a ton of different directions lately so I end up working a lot yet getting nothing done.  I'm riding the muse wave- you have to design while the iron is hot, and work out the kinks later, eh?  I have a ton of tutorials to write when my muse quiets down a bit.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying myself.  I'm proofreading a book or two for author friends, and rabidly reading anything I can get my hands on during any bit of spare time I get!  One can never have enough books!

Would you like to see what I made in July?

This is a collar, Ignus.  Tut is in the works!

I've also created a "V" neck version (not pictured).

This is the matching bracelet, and I've forgotten its name.  ><

I have a new ornament tut in the works, too!

This is for my St. Petersburg stitch tutorial.
Well, that's it in a nutshell!  I have all the illustrations done for 3 of these and just need to write the words.  I'll see you again in my August recap post at the end of the month!  Enjoy your August!  ~Val