Friday, October 17, 2014

And the Winner is...

Hi, all!  Thanks so much for all your responses and advice!  I have lots of new ideas, and I especially like the list suggestions and the reward system.  I do that for my books-- I'm a bookaholic, and when I put in a good days' work, I like to reward myself with a good book.  I'll let you all know how it goes, and I appreciate the time you all took to help me with my focusing problem!

This is my first ever blog giveaway and wow, was it fun!  Granted, there was a lot of tedious and bothersome trouble with posting replies on the blog, for which I apologize.  I dunno what happened, but I hope that my next giveaway will go smoother.  Here's hoping!

OK, as I'm writing this post, 9 pm is sneaking up, so I'm going to wait til it's officially 9 and then visit to generate my random number.  Based on my posted replies, I count...14 individual responses to this giveaway.

And the winner is... ~drumroll~ ... RENETHA!  She was lucky number 2, which was chosen by the random number generator.

Congratulations, Renetha!  Please be sure to contact me through blogger or through my facebook page, and give me your address info (please do so privately in PM or email) and I will ship your beads!

Fear not!  I promised a prize for all participants, so these ladies (listed below) will be able to choose one free pattern from my Etsy shop.  Once you choose your pattern, please don't buy it!  Send me a convo via Etsy's messaging system and tell me your choice, plus please tell me where to email the pattern.

If you don't have an Etsy account, view my ArtFire studio and choose from there.  Same thing applies- message me with your email and your pattern choice.  I have a checklist to make sure I get you all.

Many thanks to you all!

1.  NEDBeads
2.  Renetha
3.  Catherine King
4.  Niky Sayers
5.  Minxdkrolo
6.  Deb Calderon
7.  Dianne Blondeandblue
8.  Lois Buhalis
9.  Bonnie Smith-Nichols
10. Nan Smith
11. Alicia Hartley
12. Becky Clay
13. Peggy Kemp
14. Deborah Apodaca

Thank you all for participating!  Have a wonderful weekend!  ~Val


  1. You are so sweet, this is great, can't wait to pick a pattern! Thank you!

  2. How fantastic! Congratulations to Renetha!! :D Blog on, woman!