Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Happenings! New Pretties!

Hi, all!  Wow, I forgot my January post.  ><

2015 has been hopping for me!  My metalworking is taking off, and I'm very busy, much of which I can't divulge just yet.  As things develop, I'll be sure to post here, so stay tuned!  I'm such a tease.  :D

New things!  I've made new things, of course, and for January (and now, and continuing into 2015) I'm concentrating on designs that feature pierced work (I'm getting pretty good at it!) and concrete!  Yes, concrete!  I've been having a blast playing with new ideas for concrete.  I've tried molding it, inlaying it, and I have many ideas to explore.  Seriously, not enough time in the day.

Concrete?  What concrete?  Why, Wubbers EnCapture (TM) Artisan Concrete, of course!  You know how I have a Wubbers tool fetish, and it's extended to their line of concrete mixes, which include pigment powders.  Oh, the things I have planned!  Just you wait!

Before I show you what I've made so far using their awesome cement, you can find the EnCapture kits on the Wubbers University Shop website in both Natural (grey, with black, green and brown pigment powders plus tools) and White (with pink, blue and yellow pigment powders plus tools).  Click the color names for links.  :D

My first piece which featured the EnCapture Artisan Concrete is the Lunar Eclipse pendant.  I polished the concrete for this piece, so it doesn't really look like cement, but it is.  Guess what?  I also wrote a tutorial AND published a template (which accompanies the tutorial) for the metalwork, so you can create the exact pendant I designed!  The tutorial can be found on the Wubbers University website for site members, and also in my Etsy shop (and soon to be on my website).  The tutorial can be purchased here.   Introducing Lunar Eclipse!

Another idea I had for the concrete was to inlay it into a pierced project.  I have to say that this is my very favorite way to use the cement so far!  (concrete, cement... I use the terms interchangeably.)  My debut piece for my technique is a shield I created featuring the White Tree of Gondor from the Lord of the Rings.

This piece is for my own personal collection.  I don't own the tree design, obviously.  Since this is a piece of fan art, I won't be offering the design for this piece.  However, fear not!  I have drawn my own pierced work design template, and I will be writing the tutorial for it (and I will provide the template).  This piece I'm working on will also feature concrete inlay, and I'm so, so excited to show you once it's finished!  In the meantime, take a look at my Gondor shield, featuring the EnCapture White Artisan Concrete:

What's next?  Well, today I'm working on my latest concrete inlay piece.  This month I'm full of ideas and projects, some of which are super secret.  Stay tuned for the next inlay piece though!  I'll be showing that soon.

Oh!  I also have a beaded pendant, which will be published in this month's Digital Beading Australia within the next week or so.  I can't wait for you to see it!  It's something I'm pretty proud of.

I hope you enjoyed my concrete work!  I'm so excited and I'm brimming with ideas!  What are you working on?  Any big plans?  New ideas?  New directions?  Hopes and dreams?  I'd love to hear about it!

Much love and hugs,



  1. You are so talented Val ... Love your work!

    1. Aww, thank you! :) I love your work, too!