Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Through June and July, and into August

Hi, all!  Wowzers, I've missed a post or two, eh?  Sorry--I've been very busy working on establishing a new career (alongside the beady biz).

A new career, you say?  Well, as you know, I've been reviewing a ton of books lately.  In July alone, I reviewed 15 books, in addition to the many more I read.  Yes, lots of reading.  I'm reading a ton, and loving every minute of it!  Books are my escape from stress:  When things get hard (aka finances,etc.), I dive into my beloved books and live someone else's life for a while.

Well, reviewers don't get paid (honest ones don't).  However, as I've written many of my own articles, tutorials, courses, newsletters, interviews, etc. (not to mention, over 160 book reviews thus far), I thought I'd try my hand at editing!

Yes, editing!  Copy editing or line editing, to be exact.  I'm not interested in content editing at this time, and I likely won't ever wish to delve into content editing.  For now, though, copy editing is what I'm aiming for.

Today, as I'm writing this, I've copy edited just over 150,000 words of text, broken into several novels and novellas.  I'm so proud and excited, and I can't wait to gain more manuscripts.  I have a few projects going on, and of course, I'm still doing my beady biz.

That won't change-- I'm still teaching (as a matter of fact, I'm teaching this weekend).  I'm still writing tutorials (Today!  I'm writing one today).  I'm still designing and working with Back2Bead.com and Wubbers University.  I'm just working on editing as a "day job".

I'm still working as a professional typist, of course, but hey:  At this point, any work is good work, and working from home is an absolute must for me.

So:  What's new in the beady biz?  Well, I've published another class for Wubbers University:  my Dragon Heart pendant.  I'm pleased with the results, and it's a copper and concrete piece that I drew, designed and, of course, fabricated myself.

I haven't done much in the way of beadwork other than a few sample pieces for classes and a bunch of trial and error, new designs.  I also did some beta testing on patterns for colleagues.  I did make a chainmaille design, but I haven't written any tutorials.  I hand wound, cut and wove every single ring.

This necklace is a blend of Oriental and Byzantine weaves, with perhaps a touch of Rondo tossed in for good measure.  It's pretty weighty, as it's woven using 18 gauge, silver plated over copper rings.  I like it, and eventually I'll write up a tutorial for it for those interested.

Hmm... let's see... Oh!  I created a book blog page of sorts on facebook (The Book Zealot) so that I could share cover reveals, release day info, etc. for newly published books.  I'm meeting loads of authors and just having a blast!  Seriously, I'm loving this.  

I have a surprise for a future blog post, so be on the lookout for some news.  It will likely be in my August end-of-month post.  I'm also working on creating a profile on a few editor websites and/or forums.  I'm unsure if I will create a separate blog for my editing and book review stuff.  Realistically, my blogging history is scant.  I post once per month, so I likely won't bother.  Time will tell.

See what happens when I wait 2 months to update my blog?  I've written a book for you!  :)  So:  What's happening in your world?  xoxo!  ~Val

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