All About Me!

Hi, all!  Most of you know the basics about me from my bios on my website, blog, shop and Facebook page so I thought I'd have a bit of fun with this "about" page.

I'm the happy wife of 25+ years to my high school love and we have 2 incredible, talented and brilliant kids, ages 21 and 19.  I grew up in an artistic family and have done some sort of art since childhood, primarily fiber art and needlework.  I also love to dabble in photography, digital art, metalsmithing, graphite drawing and at one point I even did fabric painting.  Most of you know this already.  Here are 20 things that you may not know about me:

  1. I never grew up!  I still love cartoons and Disney movies and I like to read children's literature and young adult books.  
  2. I can almost always pull a quote out of a Harry Potter book to fit any situation in life.  I can also usually find a Disney song to fit any occasion.
  3. I am so into fantasy!  If it has dragons or magic or witches, werewolves, demons, angels, or vampires, I've probably read it.  I'm about to admit a dreadful secret to you:  I like sparkly vampires and I was totally Team Edward.  :)  It was Alice. I loved her!  I'd want her for a sister.  
  4. I have a library at home of at least 1000-2000 books.  I converted my library into a studio and pushed my book shelves along the walls.  My son has 3 bookcases in his room and my daughter has one in her room.  We are a reading family.  
  5. 80s music makes me happy.  If I'm down, I'll crank up an 80s station and it's like Prozac.
  6. I have a severe aversion to bones, fur (except on a live animal), teeth, quills, and feathers.  I won't touch fur coats and I can't even handle bone beads without difficulty.  I don't eat meat with bones in it, neither.
  7. I like to dance!  I'll shake my booty while cooking and the kids are so used to it they don't even say anything.  Sometimes my daughter will get down with me!
  8. My music interests are very broad.  I love piano classical... a lot.  I love anime soundtracks!  I adore video game soundtracks and I have soundtracks from nearly all of the 14+ Final Fantasy games.  I love international music and Nobuo Uematsu is my favorite composer EVAH!  (he composed the Final Fantasy series music).  I like opera!  I like British punk!  I like hippy music, psychedelic, Motown, Blues, Metal, Rock, Dance, I will happily listen to Metallica or Rage Against the Machine or Cake (I love Cake) and then turn the channel to Bond or a Bugs Bunny soundtrack (seriously, I have it!)... my favorite band ever is probably Muse (swoon) or any number of bands, but I also love Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman.  I could go on and on but you get it.
  9. At any point in time, we will have at least 1 dog and 4 cats.  We currently have 1 dog and 11 cats.
  10. My fur-babies are just like real children to me and my love for them borders on obsession.  They are my familiars and they go with me to the kitchen when I cook. They go in the bathroom with me. They sleep with me, and they're sitting with me right now. They wait by the front door when I'm outside.  I love my kitties!  They follow me everywhere.  It's a running joke in the house when I walk from my room to the kitchen.  At any one time, I'll have 6 cats trailing along behind me.
  11. I'm a rabid Dr. Who fan.  I don't even know how many times I've watched all the Dr. Who episodes.  I finish and start over.  I'm also a huge Harry Potter fan and I've read the books and watched the movies more times than I can count.  I also love the Winchester boys, but Castiel is my crush.  rawr
  12. In high school, I wanted to be a lawyer or a psychologist.  That totally didn't happen. 
  13. I'm a bit OCD about handwashing.  I don't like to touch door knobs in public places and in the store I nearly run to the sanitizer wipes to clean my buggy.  I also clean the straps on my purse. ~twitch~
  14. The door handle doesn't work on my hubby's car, which I'm still paying for, so I get the luxury of rolling down my window to open my own door.  Fun.  Update:  I got a brand new car so my hubby gets the joy of opening the window on the car to open the door (he got my old car).  :D
  15. I can happily tabulate figures and organize paperwork for hours.  It's like Mecca to me or something.
  16. I'm open-minded.  I don't care if you're purple and I don't care what religion you are.  I could care less which political party you follow and I don't care if you like men or women or both.  If I like you, I like you, and if you're kind to others, I probably like you.
  17. I'm extremely empathetic.  I fret over how people feel and if you cry, I will surely cry with you.
  18. The perfect day for me would be a day of organizing my beads.  Rearranging my storage and organizing my beads make me happy.
  19. I'm a procrastinator.  I WILL always wait until the last minute for anything and everything.  
  20. I wish I were a Weasley.  Seriously... 
Well, I hope you enjoyed this list and learned a few "quirks" about me!  :)  Please, share some of your own!  I'd love to know that I'm not the only oddball in the world.


  1. Love this Val! You and I are a lot alike (which you already know). This response is longer than the one I lost. I sometimes have a hard time shutting my brain off and focusing on one thing. I like to share with others and hope that somehow the way I feel rubs off on them but I'm sure that most of the time people are just thinking, "when's she gonna shut up already?!"

    I, too, am afflicted with an embarrassing love for sparkly vampires (their worst trait BTW) and I also am Team Edward (although Jacob almost got me to switch sides in New Moon). I have seen the films and read (and listened to!) the books too many times to keep count. I saw BD2 in the theater 7 or 8 times (twice on opening night!) and was even in the paper the day after it opened because I had been interviewed at the marathon (12 hours in a theater with my best girlfriends was an awesome way to spend a day).

    I'm a huge movie fanatic. Before I had kids, I went to the movies at least once a week, sometimes twice. I get it from my dad, I'm sure. He and my mom go to the movies all the time and they used to take us to the drive-in. I still remember sitting on the back of the car with my sister, watching Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (with no sound) while my parents watched another movie inside the car. We would make marshmallow popcorn and drink pop out of glass bottles.

    Speaking of movies, my life has both a soundtrack and commentary, you just can't hear it because it's inside my head. At any given time, I am probably thinking about a movie quote in response to what you just said and wondering whether or not I'll sound crazy if I say it out loud (or if, happily, you'll actually get the reference and quote more lines with me).

    Cake! I discovered them for the first time in the opening credits to Chuck. My taste in music runs the gamut, with the exception of rap and (most) heavy metal. Grunge, rock, rock-country (love the tv show Nashville!), classical, pop, show tunes & musicals (loved Smash - sad it was cancelled).

    Fantasy is my favorite genre for sure, although I love lots of different kinds of books. I have so little free time that I don't read much any more. I do have a subscription to Audible though and listen in the car. I am on book 5 of the Mortal Instruments series and also have Atlas Shrugged. I got half way through that one when I checked it out from the library and am looking forward to finishing it. Harry Potter and anything like it is on my list. LOTR of course. I used to read aloud to the kids a lot on family trips - The Hobbit, What-the-Dickens (about a rogue tooth fairy), The Amazing Benedict Society, among others. The Faerie Wars series is good and I've convinced my son to read them.

    I love Big Bang Theory (Sheldon would be more fun to have around than a puppy).

    I love it when people read/watch/listen to things I like and like them too. I think my kids are the luckiest, because I love all the fantasy/geek stuff that my son likes but I also like to watch sappy girly stuff with my daughter. In general, I just like lots of things!

    Speaking of funny geek TV, the show Community has a Doctor Who inspired sub-show called Inspector Spacetime. You can find episodes on YouTube. They are pretty funny. Of course, we all know I'm all about Doctor Who. It has taken over my life (ok, not my life, but definitely my FB page!) and I see references EVERYWHERE! I think I cry almost every episode, even though I've seen them all before and know what's gonna happen. I like pretend stuff that makes me cry. It's better than when real life makes me cry.

    And this is how my brain works. I jump from one thing to the next, not always getting back to where I started when I take a detour down a thought process. Now I must stop or I never will. ;)

    1. LOL Kassie! We are soul sisters, I tell you! :)

      I like to tell people I have jewelry ADD but the truth is, I jump around in my regular life, too. I currently have 4 books started (sorry, 5. I just started Inferno on my Nook) and I bounce between Fringe, Dr. Who, Roswell, Torchwood and Supernatural on Netflix. I'll do a few episodes of one and go watch something else for a while and back to Dr. Who.

      So many fun and cool things to keep up with! My motto on another website (or tag line, you know...) is "Help! I'm talking and I can't shut up!" No lie... check my DA page. :D I love to chatter and I generally annoy anyone around me. I played an MMORPG game for 7 years and I distinctly remember someone complaining about my excessive chatter and my hubby replying, "try living with her." :)

      I also like to think I'm the "cool mom" since my kids listen to the same music I do and we watch some of the same shows. Movies are our thing, too, and we try to hit the theaters as often as we can.

      I can't get them into my books yet, no matter how hard I try. Tom is hardcore into sci-fi, apocalyptica and zombies, though, so some of our books cross over each other. I did get Sarah to read the Twilight books (and I totally loved Jacob, but Edward's family was just too cool. Emmett and Alice were the clinchers for me to go to Team Edward).

      I also think of movie or book quotes while talking to people (most notably HP or Dr. Who)! I've even, in my head, thought "LOL" instead of a giggle... yes, I'm odd.

      All things geeky, yeah! I'm a proud ambassador for geekiness and I couldn't be prouder to be your friend. :)

    2. Oh! And I love the Hobbit so much that I lost count of how many times I've watched it. I sing the songs, too, and I have a bit of a crush on the Bilbo/Watson actor.

      I have 4 editions of LOTR and one is from my birth year and it's yellowed and the pages are brittle but I love it. I have a modern edition to read so I can save my old ones. I also have a Nook edition and the audiobook. :D I recently saw a spoof book called "Bored of the Rings" and I giggled at the cover...I may read it, too, just for fun!

      OK, I think that's all... I usually remember something after hitting "publish".

      I can walk into a room and completely forget why I walked in there in the first place.... walk back out and then I remember!

      Oh, now I remember: I was going to say that I believe that all creatives are a little bit mad. We have to be to hold all this awesomeness inside our heads! <3

  2. Ha! I agree, I am definitely a bit mad - "all the best people are!"

    You should watch Lord of the Beans (Veggie Tales). Evil Sporks, Flobbits, and Silly Songs with Elves. :D My kids are way too old for VT but they are so funny. My absolute favorite episode is King George and the Ducky.

    I love a good spoof. The Hillywood Show does Twi-spoofs set to music. They do lots of other spoofs, too, but the Twilight ones are how I found them. Also, check out A Very Potter Musical and Holy Musical Batman on YouTube. Hil.arious!